Hello, this is my first blog.

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“You are so young, and everything is beginning, dear sir, and I will do my best to ask you to be patient with all the doubts in your heart.”

—— Rainer Maria Rilke

Say hello to everyone!

About Blog

  • This blog is mainly to share the knowledge of optoelectronics, the direction is not limited, but at present it mainly focuses on the direction of integrated photonics (silicon-based), and will expand to nonlinear optics and quantum optics in the future. The blog posts only represent personal opinions. If the expression is inappropriate, criticism and correction are welcome.
  • I will share the websites of the integrated optics research group on the Links. If you have a (or some) recommended research group(s), please contact me by Email or comment below, and I will add it in time.

About Me

  • Undergraduate: UESTC, major in optoelectronic information science and engineering
  • Master: UESTC, major in optical communication and integrated optics, especially in lithium niobate photonic devices
硕士:电子科技大学 光通信与集成光学专业

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