Hao Zhang (张豪)
China / Shanxi / Currently studying at Univ. of Elec Sci & Tech of China (Master)


About Me

  • 2022-____ | Master | Optical Communication and Integrated Optics | SOSE, UESTC
  • 2018-2022 | Undergraduate | Optoelectronic Information Science and Engineering | SOSE, UESTC
  • Male, born in 1999, Scorpio, interested in singing, calligraphy, learning and reading.
  • 2022 small goal : “Read more”.
  • Surfing, the second kind of candy that Nut likes to eat.
  • “The shoulders of young people should bear the breeze, the bright moon and the future of the motherland.”


  • Work harder and make more good friends!
  • Contribute my efforts to my motherland.
  • Since I came to this world, I have to leave something behind!
  • I hope my loved ones are healthy and happy forever!
  • “The more efforts you make, the more fortune you get.”


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To be continued...

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